Barney's Fashion Do's

The command “Suit up!” heads the list of Barney Stinson fashion Do's. Barney Stinson, the casanova that Neil Patrick Harris plays on the popular CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” is convinced that wearing suits is the best strategy when it comes to meeting women. And he's right. There’s just something about a man dressed in a finely tailored suit that catches a woman’s eye. 

While Harris confesses that his own off-screen style favors T-shirts and jeans, he admits that he’s learned a few fashion tips from the list of Barney Stinson's fashion Do's. “Because the wardrobe department adds four or five new suits to Barney's wardrobe each season,” Harris said in a recent interview, “I've had the chance to try on just about every brand of suit on the market.” 

There are some Barney Stinson fashion Dos that actor Neil Patrick Harris himself has taken to heart:

- Timeless Style. Harris demanded input when it came to dressing the popular HIMYM character. He advocated strongly for a classic rather than a trendy style. Harris specifically referenced the suit worn by Cary Grant in the classic Hitchcock thriller, “North by Northwest.” Suits that are not easily datable add a certain confident air to the Barney Stinson character.Zac Borrowdale
  - Thin Ties. When HIMYM debuted, thicker ties were in fashion. Harris understood that thinner ties not only looked better on his tall, thin frame but also better suited a timeless style. Barney Stinson favors trim Burberry ties.
  - Fabrics Choices. Harris admits that the sitcom taught him what types of fabrics best fit his body type. Barney Stinson wears brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Prada that feature thin, light fabrics.
  - Tailored Fit. Conservative suits with a slender fit, short length sleeves and narrow shoulders flatter tall, slim men. Barney Stinson demonstrates how important it is to tailor a suit to a man’s build.
  - Color and Pattern Choices. Harris admits to being obsessed with all shades of gray, with slate gray cited as his favorite. Barney Stinson also frequently wears gray in addition to other conservative colors like brown, navy and black. While Stinson often sports subtly pinstriped suits, he eschews busy patterns.

Barney Stinson’s catchphrase “Suit up!” was named one of the 100 Best Catchphases by TV Land. The phrase has also inspired a generation of men to consider the benefits of wearing a well-made suit.

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