I Am Alpha - Hear Me Roar

How can you be an Alpha male without clubbing a scantily clad woman over the head and dragging her into your cave? How about operating as an Alpha in your chosen profession or whilst out and about – living it up large amongst the Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Omegas? With the lady clubbing being frowned upon by most, including all law enforcement, we at Legendary Suitjamas are here with three legendary tips to help you rule the roost.


Handy Tip #1: Body Language


We can’t stress the importance of this one enough. It’s time to stand tall with your legs agape and chest out. Make direct eye contact, your visual penetration outdoing even the craftiest of Scientologists. You’re in command. You own the room. And there’s no need to be mouthy about it. Let your body do the talking as you lean against the bar, boardroom or Bugatti.


Actions speak louder than words, and you know it as you stand like a beacon transmitting your Alpha authority. This, dear friend, will render you a chick magnet.


Handy Tip #2: Brains over Brawn


The term ‘Alpha male’ sometimes conjures imagery of a lion on the savannah with a blood-soaked mane ripping out the throat of its rival. But in reality, only occasionally will an Alpha male be challenged. He is born to lead. He is born to see to all the requirements of his lionesses. Others sense this, which is why confrontation is best dealt with in the civilized world through assertiveness and a knowing smile. No contest, my friend, for I am Alpha, hear me roar!


Therefore, should confrontation ever arise, keep those knuckles in your pockets and use your inherent leadership to see you through any hostilities, bearing in mind that acts of aggression are usually initiated by Betas, a.k.a wannabe Alphas.


Handy Tip #3: Quiet Confidence


When it comes to the art of seduction, the workplace and beyond, to be Alpha is to be quietly confident. All romantic advances must appear effortless and not a means through which you attempt to shoehorn a woman into bed. In other words, be devoid of desperation. Never try hard like a try-hard. This will see you sliding in and out of your Suitjamas with pleasing regularity – this we can guarantee. 



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