How To Wash Your Suitjamas

Can you machine wash your Suitjamas? Absolutely. Just like a real Suit though, you do need to be a little careful when doing so- this isn't just some common cotton tshirt. The way a Suit is cut & sewn doesn't usually lend itself very well to the average machine wash cycle as well as the fact that Silk, while an incredibly soft and comfortable fabric, can be somewhat delicate.

- Use Cold Water Cycle only

- Use the Silk/Delicates Setting 

- Try not to use a Dryer- Hang on a Coat hanger in partial sunlight and leave to dry if possible (This helps the Suitjamas keep their form and prevents wrinkles later)

Water Spots?

Occasionally, if your Suitjamas haven't dried properly you may notice a small dot on the fabric, that looks like the Silk is still wet even though it's completely dry. These are known as water spots, and are caused by dissolved minerals in your water leeching into the fabric and altering the texture/reflection of the threads- because the surface of silk is very glossy, it's easy to notice when some threads in the garment aren't reflecting exactly the same way, just like a smudge on a mirror. Fortunately this is easy enough to fix, and you can refer to the steps at the bottom of this article for instructions.

How To Iron Your Suitjamas

When ironing your Suitjamas it's again important to remember that you're wearing Silk, which is a Luxury fabric, but not as tough and durable as Cotton or Wool. After drying, spray the suit lightly with water to keep them just a little bit damp and put a tea towel or cloth over the fabric to prevent the silk fibres from accidentally burning. Keep the iron at a low setting (Most Irons have a Silk/Delicates Setting) and make sure both the tea towel and suit stay slightly damp as you iron. One of the advantages of Silk over Cotton & Wool is that you will discover it is much easier to get the wrinkles out.


These recommendations are the absolute best treatment you can give your Suitjamas- they're not going to disintegrate if you use Warm Water to wash or a higher ironing setting- but these actions can potentially shorten the lifespan of the clothing. Fiddle around and find out which washing/ironing methods work best for you, and if you just can't be bothered, Dry Cleaners are the most professional and best possible way to keep all your Suits & Suitjamas clean as well as in excellent condition! 

So remember, your Suitjamas are an Awesome and high quality item, but not a thick, everyday piece of clothing like a woolen sweater- treat them as you would a real suit and they'll last for years and years :)


How to Treat Water Spots and Discolorations:

1. Dip a sponge in water and a small quantity of fragile fabric safe detergent, and gently blot any stain or discoloration

2. Soak your Suitjamas for 10-15 minutes in lukewarm water using 1/3 sup of fragile fabric safe detergent and 1 tsp. of white vinegar

3. Using a damp (not wet) sponge, gently repeat dabbing on and around the stain or discoloration

4. Gently rinse your Suitjamas in cold water, and lay on a flat towel to dry

Stain still there? If so, follow the steps below:

5.  Wet the Suitjamas again in lukewarm water (don't keep them submerged), then apply a small amount of glycerin to the stained area, leaving for about 30 minutes

6. Gently rinse again in cold water. If the stain's still there, a trip to the dry cleaner may be in order

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