Legendary Suitjamas Top Five Dating Do's and Don'ts

Suit pajamas can only get you so far.

So you think you’ve found a vixen to date and you’re hoping for the spark within your loins to turn into a blazing inferno. As always, we at Legendary Suitjamas are here to help fan the flames. Here are our Top 5 Dating Tips:


1. Do align yourself with somebody who’s into what you are.


So you’ve seen her, you’ve spoken and she’s ticking all the boxes. She’s a total fox, or has that special somethin’ that you can’t quite put your finger on – but want to. You’re now busily dreaming up the perfect first date location … classy cocktail bar, restaurant, or your aunt’s hog farm. But back up! Do you have anything in common? If yes, then that will help things along enormously. Are you both wearing suit pajamas? Check! But if she hates what you love, then, really, what’s the point?


2. Don’t dress like a sloth.


This one’s a no-brainer and being that you’re on our site, you’re already an international man of style and mystery. But for the dummies: Bathe. Remove spinach from teeth. Wear decent apparel. If it’s a casual affair, there’s no need to suit up – that will come later courtesy of your suit pajamas. But do wear coordinated colors and designs that befit the modern man.


3. Do look for telltale signs of insanity.


Everyone likes wild and crazy … but not certifiably insane. If you’re noticing signs of insanity, it’s probably best to cut your date short. The indicators are many and varied: she can’t stop talking about her ex; she liberally peppers conversation with tales of vengeance; she stabs your hand with a fork; she casually mentions several AVOs; she’s vague about the whereabouts of her ex-lover’s pet rabbit. She doesn’t melt on seeing your suit pajamas. In such circumstances, run my friend, run.


4. Do try the forearm touch.


You’ve chosen the perfect location, she digs ice hockey, you’ve picked the right threads and she’s not mad. It’s now time for the litmus test: touch. Wait for just the right moment – after she’s shared a moving story, or something hilarious, or asked the whereabouts of the powder room. Then lean in and touch her forearm for the briefest of moments before your hand drifts away like a butterfly. How did she react? Did she recoil? Scream? Or did she reciprocate graciously? If it’s the latter, you’re one step closer to in!


5. Don’t say you’ll call unless you mean it.


Going back to our friend Crazy or if your date’s a fizzer, don’t utter those three magic words unless you mean it. Just don’t. It will make your life easier, and give you someone to show off your suit pajamas to!

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