Barney Stinson Suit Up With the Right Tie

A man’s tie says a lot about who he is. Like a sleek Barney Stinson suit, there is almost a different tie for every occasion. Never, ever underestimate the power of a tie. Make sure you’re sending the right message by wearing the right one. 

The Black Tie

Nothing screams ‘oh god yes’ more than the girl I took home last night. Nothing screams ‘classy’ more than the silky black tie I was wearing beforehand.  A plain black tie is a suave addition to your tie collection.  You can’t help look anything but awesome when you’re wearing it. Not to mention it’s an all occasion tie – from the bar to the office to a special event like a wedding or a funeral. 

The Navy Tie

A navy tie is a great variation from the plain black tie. Look at a Barney Stinson suit, and tell me what a navy tie doesn’t look awesome with? 

If your answer was nothing, then yes, you are correct. A navy tie goes with just about anything – white shirt, blue shirt, black suit, grey suit, navy suit. You get the idea. 

The Paisley Tie

I can hear you questioning this one. But trust me.  A paisley tie shouts confidence and creativity. Worldly and sophisticated. Bold and daring. Imagine the type of people that attracts.

It doesn’t need to be flamboyant. Play it cool with a single coloured or subtle toned paisley tie and wear it with a solid coloured shirt and suit.  

The Burberry Check Tie

Nothing says ‘touch of class’ more than a Burberry check tie.  You may attract a whole smorgasbord of attention from the more shallow fashionistas wearing your Burberry check tie, but that's not such a bad thing.  The more popular option is the traditional tan Burberry check.  For a slightly more understated look, go the black and grey. And when you do get that date, make sure you read our top 5 dating do's and don'ts.

The Diagonal Stripe Tie

Classic, classy, awesome.  Yes, we’re talking about me. But a diagonally striped tie is also all those things.  It’s pretty difficult to go wrong with a diagonally striped tie. Ergo - buy one in every colour.

Study carefully, young Padawan, the coordination enacted by Barney Stinson in suit and tie matching, and you will rock these ties like nobody's business.

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