The best 2021 work from home wear

Welcome to the New Normal where hordes of Legendary Office Workers no longer work from the office.

Your company was forced to have you work from home and, surprise surprise, discovered that you're not a 5-year old who needs constant physical supervision and can be just as productive not in the office.

They also discovered that it's cheaper to have you provide your own computer, office space, electricity and water. That's why this will be the new normal even after the pandemic.

But somethings don't change. You need to look your best, at least from the waist up when you are on Zoom calls.

Some employees have taken to wearing home clothes for business calls. There's nothing wrong with this for an average person.

Are you an average worker? Or are you Legendary?

With Legendary Suitjamas you look awesome 24 hours a day. 

Late night call? No problem, you are already in your Suitjamas. Finish the call and you are in bed within 15 seconds. 

Early morning call? No problem. slip out of bed, brush the hair (or put on a cap) and you are suited up and professional.

Midnight call? Sure. Just sit up and take the call from your bed. It will impress the heck out of everyone that you put on a suit and tie for a 2am call. \

That's Legendary.

Legendary Suitjamas. Suit up to look the best in the New Normal.


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