Navy Blue Suitjamas (currently only available in Australia)
Navy Blue Suitjamas (currently only available in Australia)
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Navy Blue Suitjamas (currently only available in Australia)

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Due to popular demand for a classic navy blue range of Suitjamas, we've reintroduced the Navy Blue edition. Perfect for the refined Gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life.

Right now, these are only available in Australia, however, we can ship overseas on request. Please note that prices are in US dollars.

The actual color is slightly darker than that shown in the pictures here.

Shipping now only US$9.95

– Hand tailored by the finest artisans for the ultimate in luxury

– Fashioned from a proprietary satin blend to ensure maximum Durability and Comfort

– Crafted using advanced bonding technology & crease-resistant fabrics for an unbeatable finish

– Constructed with proprietary satin fabric weaves for optimal Breathability in any situation...

With a pair of Legendary Suitjamas – Suit Up and dress to impress 24/7/365.

Your Legendary Suitjama order will include:

– One Single-Breasted Two Button Jacket (Navy Blue)

– One Pair Unpleated Trousers (Navy Blue)

– One Button Down Collared Shirt (Ash White)

– One Sleeping Cravat (Navy Blue)

Suitjamas are the ultimate in luxury sleeping apparel and your shortcut to suave – Get your set today.