Ultimate Solid Gold Luxury Suitjamas (Limited Edition)
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Ultimate Solid Gold Luxury Suitjamas (Limited Edition)

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Sometimes you just want to blend in and look awesome. Our Premium Grey Suitjamas will get you there. But when you want to be the most ostentatious, bombastic, swank, resplendent one at ANY party, then there is just one legendary choice: Ultimate Solid Gold Suitjamas.

Those who are shy, retiring, below average, and have low self esteem very rarely visit our site. But if you see yourself, your buddy, or your man as someone with pizzazz and confidence, then the Ultimate Sold Gold Suitjamas will make you shine.

The most luxurious, sexy, solid gold sleepwear money can buy!

— Hand tailored by the finest artisans for the ultimate in luxury

— Fashioned from a proprietary satin blend to ensure maximum durability and comfort

— Crafted using advanced bonding technology & crease-resistant fabrics for an unbeatable finish

— Constructed with proprietary fabric weaves for optimal breathability in any situation...

Now, some people might laugh at the idea of walking around in Solid Gold Suitjamas. They will also laugh at the idea of traveling on a private plane or living in a palace. 

Real legends don't. They buy the palace, fly the plane, and don the gold suit. 

Most of us can't afford the palace and the plane. But why let that stand in the way? Start with Ultimate Solid Gold Suitjamas and then work on the palace and the plane.

You don't have to live in a palace to feel like a billionaire. And some billionaires never feel legendary.  


Would a man whose living room looks like this NOT wear Solid Gold Suitjamas?

So remember, when you need to buy class, Buy Ultimate Gold.