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If you choose to purchase a pair of Legendary Suitjamas and the product you receive is not the Premium Quality, incredibly comfortable and Legend-wait-for-it-dary purchase you expect then you can contact us within 21 days of purchase for a hassle-free replacement or refund.

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Legendary Suitjamas

The Only Official Suitjamas Available In The World

They are Men's Designer Pajamas, created specifically for Awesome people.

You're probably asking yourself whether you could be more Awesome right now. While we agree it's not easy for our customers (who are inherently Awesome) to in fact increase their Awesomeness, we have exactly what you need right here.

Our premium quality silk Suitjamas are pure class, and our sexy tailors put a lot of tender love and care into making sure that they are of the highest quality, and best fit specific to your needs.

So take a look around our store and find the Suitjamas made for you or your loved ones, and reach out to our Legendary team should you have any questions about our site or any of our products.

Until then, Stay Awesome.


Now there’s no denying that many people out there take a great pride in their appearance, but it’s fair to say that whilst keeping a finger on the pulse of fashion is easily achievable when it comes to casual and formal wear, it’s not so easy when it comes to bedroom attire! Historically, PJs have been somewhat uninspiring, but the tide has turned and if style conscious people take a look at what we’ve got to offer, they’ll soon see that it is indeed possible to be fashionable in the bedroom. A shimmering grey pajama suit is indeed style personified and if people choose to buy a grey outfit or one in black and gold, they will indeed be giving their wardrobes a much needed extra dimension. With a little help from ourselves, everyone out there can be a trendsetter, 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

For those with a discerning sense of style

Being at the cutting edge of fashion is a desire which many people share and the great news is, we’ve got products which will indeed put people right at the cutting edge. Style gurus will want to look their best at all times and this applies regardless of whether they’re heading out to a restaurant or lounging on the sofa. For men who want to relax or conduct business from the home office, silk suit pajamas are the perfect solution, because not only do they offer luxurious comfort, but they’ll also mark the wearer out as having a discerning sense of style. Wrapping the body in finery is always going to prove to be inspirational and in our opinion, finery doesn’t come much better than the full mens pajama suit and tie combinations that we’re proud of offer our style conscious customers. Fashion sense does indeed begin in the home!